Musings on: Modular Work in times of COVID

“Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not”.

— Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Sama Group

  • Remote work is becoming increasingly inevitable for many, yielding powerful potential second-order effects. By calling into question where, how much and when people work, remote work may finally encourage further modularization of work.
  • Modularization of work has been shown to be a meaningful antidote to the pay gap, diversity & inclusion drop offs and overall decreased labor participation. These are all critical components in reshaping the American and global economy after the pandemic.
  • A shift to modularized work and a more flexible workforce represents huge opportunity for new corporate training, tooling and management practices. These investments will be worthwhile, given the large potential for economic and satisfaction gains on both the corporate and employee side.
  1. As referenced in the New Employee Experience, remote work may represent a new decoupling of the employer from the employee, which could further break the paradigms of average tenure and our binary view of “full-time” employment.
  2. Per Unbundling Meetings, totally new norms may emerge such as async documentation, limited meetings and an explosion of productivity tools to hold and chunk work across time zones. Over time, this could represent a modularization of workflows — work broken into repeatable, discrete tasks which can be executed and evaluated separately. Modularization represents an increase in access, because work could be divided up amongst fractional workers or fractional skills.




All things fintech, consumer, crypto. Currently @kleinerperkins ex @blockchain, @harvardhbs @jpmorgan @quartethealth @segoviatech @cornell @stuyvesanthigh.

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Monica Desai

Monica Desai

All things fintech, consumer, crypto. Currently @kleinerperkins ex @blockchain, @harvardhbs @jpmorgan @quartethealth @segoviatech @cornell @stuyvesanthigh.

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