Crypto Resources — From Bitcoin to Ethereum to ICOs and Beyond

Why Decentralization is Important

The Disruption of Money

Bitcoin & Ethereum

Tokens — Why do they matter? How do they work?

ICOs — What are they? Why are they so controversial?

Governance — How do these entities function and evolve? What can we translate to existing markets?

dApps — What are they? How do you create one?

Decentralized Exchanges — What are they? Why are they important?

Newsletters / Podcasts— How can I keep up to date on all of this?




All things fintech, consumer, crypto. Currently @kleinerperkins ex @blockchain, @harvardhbs @jpmorgan @quartethealth @segoviatech @cornell @stuyvesanthigh.

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Monica Desai

Monica Desai

All things fintech, consumer, crypto. Currently @kleinerperkins ex @blockchain, @harvardhbs @jpmorgan @quartethealth @segoviatech @cornell @stuyvesanthigh.

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