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Wealthfront Cash Account APY
  1. Business model — at some point there’s only so much margin to go around. Most fintechs seek to move up the food chain by capturing interchange and the sticky direct deposit relationship. To do so, they often launch high rewards savings accounts or credit cards. In the early days, fintechs are happy to pay for speed to market to build their audience, but as they grow the market demands they keep more margin in house.
  2. Flexibility — While these infrastructure players help companies get to market quickly, they lack much flexibility when it comes to iterating on the product. Eventually, fintechs hit the traditional rails again and recall how difficult it is to overcome old tech, heavy compliance, slow moving risk teams, etc to quickly try a new product line or tweak your underwriting / risk criteria. That limits the reach and rates available on these fintech products.




All things fintech, consumer, crypto. Currently @kleinerperkins ex @blockchain, @harvardhbs @jpmorgan @quartethealth @segoviatech @cornell @stuyvesanthigh.

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Monica Desai

Monica Desai

All things fintech, consumer, crypto. Currently @kleinerperkins ex @blockchain, @harvardhbs @jpmorgan @quartethealth @segoviatech @cornell @stuyvesanthigh.

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